Ministry of Environment & Forest - GOI via it's gazette notification GSR 560 (E) & 378 (E), dated 19 September 1997 and 30 June 1998 respectively on use of beneficiated coal containing ash not more than 34% w.e.f. June 2002 in the following categories of power plants.

  • Power plants located beyond 1000 kms from pithead.
  • Power plants located in critically polluted areas, urban areas and in ecologically sensitive areas.

The current focus for Operations of GCMPL are mainly in the Indian states of Telangana and Odisha, which jointly account for almost one-third of total coal reserves in India.

At present, the Company has 4 functional coal washeries at Talcher & Ib Valley in Odisha and Ramagundam & Manuguru in Telangana.

The worksites are strategically located in close proximity of respective mines and railway siding.

Experience, location and spare capacity are the key differentiators in any industry and ours is no different.

With over 5 years of operational experience, state of the art technology, experienced and dedicated work force, stringent quality control and a robust environmental management plan, we see ourselves as a preferred partner in an ever increasing demand for Thermal Energy.